Answers to: J-Skate
Sign: Pisces
Plays: Rhythm Guitar

J-Skate actively works to bring a bit of joy and happiness to everyday life. She walks the talk, takes the chance, and does the thing. J-Skate loves cute animal videos, sushi, hugs, playing rhythm guitar in The Feels, and of course roller skating. She digs upbeat songs, preferably with a horn section, and salsa dancing. Everyday is sparkles, laughter and sunshine for J-Skate, and when all that joy is just a little too much, she has her BFFs in The Feels to help balance her out.



Answers to: Reign Beaux
Sign: Aries
Plays: Keyboards

Reign Beaux knows that with effort, perseverance, and little luck, most things work out in the end. They keep their eye on the prize while working through life’s roadblocks and are always encouraging others to do the same. Reign Beaux enjoys trying new things, and their favorite food group is snacks...all the snacks. Reign Beaux is always rooting for the underdog, or undercat, or underturtle, or whatever the newest cute-animal-overcoming-the-odds video is this week. They are a whiz on the keyboards, adding haunting or peppy accents to every tune, and a maestro in the art of listening. Overall when things go wrong, as they sometimes do when the band is on the road, Reign Beaux knows not to sweat it too much because after all...tomorrow is another day.