Mix-Tape is for Kids


Mix-Tape is for Kids
But don’t take our word for it :)

At Factory Obscura, we love that we get to come to work every day and build experiences that awaken wonder. We do it for kids of all ages, but children are some of our favorite participants. As one wise 10-year-old put it, “Kids are more open to it than adults, I think, because everything is new to us anyway. Adults are always looking for what they already know.”

After our temporary experiences SHIFT and BEYOND, Metro Family Magazine gathered reviews from some of our favorite critics. As you and your family look forward to the September 21 opening of Mix-Tape, our first permanent experience, we wanted to share some of our favorites…


Top 10 Kid Reviews of Factory Obscura


It feels like a different universe in the center of the city, like falling down the rabbit hole.


None of the art is off-limits like at a museum. Crawling through tunnels, walking through strange areas and touching different textures is what you have to do there.


The best part is that you never know what to expect, kind of like in a dream.


The best part is that you never know what to expect, kind of like in a dream.


It’s kind of like visiting another planet, then you go back to Earth and your regular house, but you can’t forget what you saw.


[When I go] I would also wear something weird to help celebrate the feeling in there, which is very strange.


I think everyone should visit so they can take in what’s different from their regular life at school and at home.


When you lay down to go to sleep, you’re going to see what’s behind the doors on your eyelids.


Going there gives you a surge of curiosity!


I’ll remember how creative it was. When I have to make something cool, I’ll think about them.