Founded in 2017 at a mysterious meeting, the artists of FACTORY OBSCURA came together to

Support. Create. Awaken.



...a radically inclusive array of artists, thinkers, creators, inventors, and makers while developing an economic system that employs them at sustainable, thriving wages and allows them the freedom to create.


...ART in all its forms, bringing together people, community, and schools, and allowing the curiosity, love, and beauty inside us all to awaken.


...the inner child, sparking awe and wonder, inviting interactive play, both physical and mental, and challenging each other to explore deeper into our human potential and our connections through ART.


Tammy Greenman, Kelsey Karper, Laura Massenat, Laurent Massenat, Hugh Meade

Artist & Design Team

Amber Rae Black
Nate Borchert
Erica Colbath
Mikey Colbath
Sara Cowan
Emily Dawson
Denise Duong
Nicole Emmons-Willis
Jaiye Farrell

RaQuele Sliger
Justice Smithers
Cassie Stover
Sam Vallejo
Tiffany van der Merwe
Kyle van Osdol
David Webber
Amanda Zoey